Broccoli City Festival Recap

The Broccoli City Festival is an event based around promoting healthy eating & living an all-around healthier lifestyle. My first ever time attending was last year & I can honestly say I had a blast. The festival is on it’s fourth year & this year I had the opportunity to host & perform on the One Love Massive stage & it was an incredible day to say the least. It was pretty chilly for an April day but, I knew that nothing could stop that day from being epic. With a line-up featuring the likes of Anderson .Paak, BJ the Chicago Kid, The Internet, Sango, Jhene Aiko, & the Trap Messiah Future, the day was destined to be monumental.

One of the first things I noticed upon arriving at the venue was all the people that it took to make the festival happen. Everyone was running around making sure all the last minute details & logistics were being handled so that the day could run smoothly, which in my opinion, it did. The vendors set up to display their fly merchandise or for networking & promoting their brands, artist were setting up their areas for live painting, & early festival goers were just soaking up the vibes before the show really got started. It was truly a sight to see.

At the One Love Massive stage, we were excited, ready to get things started, & show the people what Washington, D.C.’s local music scene is all about. I had a blast up there introducing the festival to dope acts such as myself, my sis Ayes Cold, the homies Nature Boi & Brain Rapp, Born I Music, Footwerk, Nag Champa, Reesa Renee, Pinky Killacorn, Ace Cosgrove, Bunx Dadda, & the legendary Go-Go band Rare Essence. The vibe was really dope for the entire day & people gave us a lot of great energy.

During the day we shared the stage with the homies from Trap Karaoke & that was one of the most fun & entertaining times during the day. For those of you who may not be familiar, Trap Karaoke is an opportunity for people to perform some of their favorite Hip-Hop songs that may not typically get the karaoke treatment. We had people perform Future’s “March Madness”, Migos’ “Handsome & Wealthy”, & even the Bad Boy anthem, “All About The Benjamins”. Definitely one of my favorite moments during the day.

Besides all the dope music & festivities, one of the dopest things about BC FEST was running into friends who I hadn’t seen in months, some in years, & they came from all over the country. Homies made their way into D.C. from Florida, New York, Los Angeles, & tons of other places which is dope because, that’s what I believe music festivals are all about. Bringing people together.

All in all Broccoli City Fest 2016 was a great time in honor of a great cause. Healthy living. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday than doing what I love with some great people. Definitely looking forward to next year’s festivities.

Photos courtesy of One Love Massive, FuseBoxRadio, Broccoli City, & Travie Trav.

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