Noirbnb: The Future of Black Travel

The Black Travel Experience is not something that can be ignored or disregarded. It is something that needs to be understood, nurtured, and catered to. African-American spending power is currently at $1.1 Trillion and it is expected to increase to $1.7 Trillion over the next few years. At this moment, the Black Travel market is a $50 Billion industry. Black millennials are currently exploring the world and broadening their global horizons on a larger scale than any of the generations before them. It is time we stake our claim in this sharing economy and create a safe, welcoming platform to discover more about this big, beautiful planet of ours. For these reasons and many more, we’ve decide to pursue our next and possibly our greatest venture yet, Noirbnb.

Noirbnb is here to positively disrupt the current travel market and create a space for Black people around the world to connect with each other, travel together, and enjoy all the sights and sounds this world has to offer. Noirbnb is a lifestyle brand, accommodations provider, as well as a hub for news on Black travel, flight deals, and a first-hand look into the Black Travel Experience. We have so many things planned & we want you to be on this journey with us.

As an immigrant and a musician, touring has been part of my life since I was 7-years-old. It’s almost second nature. Many of you have heard about our Atlanta experience w/ Airbnb in which neighbors called the police on us for simply enjoying our stay. The story caught on all across the nation and even became a viral sensation around the world. After our incident took place a string of prejudiced and racially charged incidents have taken place with other Airbnb members, which sparked an online hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack.

For as much progress as a people we have made on issues such as race and prejudice, there is still a substantial amount of discrimination that comes to the light. Even in today’s age of technological advances, connectivity, and a “sharing” economy.

After our situation in Atlanta took place, my partner Ronnia and I decided to come up with a few solutions to help combat some of Airbnb’s issues with race and discrimination. In November 2015, Airbnb flew us out to their headquarters in San Francisco to discuss in further detail the ideas we’d come up with. Before #AirbnbWhileBlack became the huge online phenomenon that it is, we told Airbnb that issues with racism would continue to take place, and even gave them the idea first. I don’t think they knew how correct we would turn out to be.

Noirbnb is without a doubt, The Future of Black Travel. We’re currently in the very beginning stages of our platform; but we plan to help change the world and improve the way Black people are able to explore the world.

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