YARD BASEL: One For The Culture

Growing up, being Jamaican and immersed in Caribbean culture has had one of the largest impacts on who I’ve become as a person. From the music, the dances, the slang, the food (greatest food on the planet), the style, and of course the art. I’ve made it one of my life’s missions to find ways to not only properly represent my culture but also create new platforms to shine a positive light on the Caribbean community.

Being from South Florida, attending Art Basel Miami with friends and family has become a yearly staple. One of the things that I noticed year after year was that there was very little representation for artists, especially young and incredibly talented artists, from the Caribbean. We’ve had to find new ways and create new platforms to showcase our talent and bring it to the world.

Having grown up with an incredibly talented group of South Florida creatives and influencers, I knew that it would be possible for us to create our platform and make it unique to ourselves. We’d been bouncing this idea around for the past couple years but now it’s time to finally bring it to the world. I’d like to formally announce: YARDxBASEL, The Caribbean Art + Music Festival.

YARDxBASEL is a new festival experience. We want to showcase Caribbean artists representing all nations and all artistic mediums. Our goal is to bring YARDxBASEL around the country, starting in Miami, then bringing it to Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, Cuba, D.R., and all over the Caribbean.

To learn more and stay updated, head to www.YARDxBASEL.com. If you’re an artist that is interested in showcasing, a brand that’s looking for sponsorship opportunities, or interested in assisting, please send an email to YARDxBASEL@gmail.com.

Follow our social channels on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you for the love and support!


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