Menace To Sobriety 3: The Reeferlution

Release Date: April 20, 2012
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Album Review

"I’m not really big on “stoner music.” I listen to it and have nothing against it, so let’s just say it’s not really my thing. I recently posted a track from STEFISDOPE and loved the song so I wasn’t opposed to listening to his newest release Menace to Sobriety 3: The Reeferlution. The title of this album is a dead giveaway of what Stef is getting at (also the fact that he released it on 4/20 for all you cannabis connoisseurs out there). Anyways, the album starts off with a smoker’s anthem (“I smoke weed, and you smoke weed, and he smoke weed, and she smoke weed, so put your [expletive] lighter’s up…”) a nice opening for everyone into opening their minds with herbal properties *cough cough*. After the first track I was thinking “ok cool, now is every song like this?” Boy was I mistaken. A feature from Vaughn Garcia graced my ears as he and Stef raise their fists to “Black Excellence” a black power anthem. Stef added elements of rebellion, revoultion, and unity (peep the Malcolm X-esque cover) along with the “get lifted with a good grain of that ohh-wee” anthems. Meche Korrect and Nate Greyski, also from the DMV, hyped up the album with Miss Meche’s beautiful vocals and Nate’s aggressive yet lyrical rhyme scheme. Stef also had the sounds on point with production credits from Jamal Gray, Tyrellington of Syce Game, among others. Stef also produced tracks on the album so we get the full effect of his artistry. All in all, the album is solid. The concept was dope and it was delivered well. Great album to vibe and possibly get lifted to. For more info on his music follow Stef on Twitter @STEFISDOPE." - Ayo
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