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[VIDEO] STEFisDOPE – La La La (Official Video)

Video for the single “La La La” from Menace To Sobriety 2: The Re-Up released on 4.20.2011

DOWNLOAD HERE: Menace To Sobriety 2: The Re-Up

[MUSIC] STEFisDOPE – Stepsun (prod. by rMell) [SINGLE]

This is the first ever #ChillWednesdays drop. The homie rMell gave me this beat like 4 months ago & I just got to lay it down but it came out ill as ever so peepeth!.

2011 MTV VMAs Review

I won’t lie, the last 3-4 years of MTV Award shows or award shows in general have been huge disappointments to the point where I don’t even bother watching them. Something was different this year, though. MTV actually managed to entertain me & keep the corniness to a minimal.

The show started out with Lady Gaga coming out as her new alter ego, Jo Calderone who’s basically an ode to those old tough guys from the 60′s with the cuffed sleeves & crazy hair grease. I thought it was dope. I was kinda surprised at first then I realized my nigga Gaga probably has a bigger dick than all of us. She definitely has bigger balls.

Hov & Ye came through & did a performance of “Otis” which was honestly my favorite performance of the entire night. I think they did it in true kingly fashion. It was simple, dope, & packed full of energy. One person even jumped on stage & had to get that ass escorted out lol. I think Jay was the biggest winner of the whole night. He had an epic performance, his wife announced her pregnancy, & he watched his newest rival potentially make an ass of himself on one of the biggest award shows of the year.

Nicki Minaj won “Best Hip-Hop” video of the year which I honestly thought she deserved. She deserved it ’cause all of this year’s hip-hop videos were pretty basic but, Nicki Minaj has hella “assets” so she’s automatically more entertaining to me. Her outfit was kinda crazy though, like some live-action Japanese Animation shit but, anyone who knows me knows I love Anime so *shrugs* it was cool with me.

Adele had one of the dopest performances of the night. I think Adele’s managed to carve out her own lane in the music industry. She seems like cool peeps but, gives off a real elegant, refined vibe. It matches perfectly with that incredible voice of hers. She even bust a couple invisible gunshots on the yardie tip. Adele & Amy Winehouse are honorary Jamaicans in my book.

One of my favorite performances has to be Chris Brown’s, though. Of course you know he’s always dancin’ like a muhfugga but, he really swagged it out w/ the tribute to Wu Tang & Nirvana but when he got on his Crouching Tiger Hidden Negro shit, flying around the awards I was like “Yo….Props”. It was entertaining & he’s looking like he’s trying to be our generation’s Michael. He’s well on his way to doing it, too.

Not only did Beyonce announce her pregnancy with Jay-Z’s child, she also performed with Jay-Z’s child. Of course Bey does her thing but, I was trippin’ like “Is shorty really jumpin’ around with Hov’s lil nigga inside her?” Maybe I’m paranoid but, hey, she still did her thing.

Russel Brand, Tony Bennet, & Bruno Mars did a heartfelt tribute for Amy Winehouse that I really thought was dope. I’ve been a fan of Amy since like ’06 so her passing was crazy for me but, MTV did a good job of showing her love.

Lastly, Lil Wayne closed the show with a performance of “How To Love” as well as a half rock/half rap rendition of “John”. I’m not sure what kind of performance i was expecting from Weezy but, I thought it might have been a little iller than it was. He didn’t do bad but, I think he could have done better. Plus those jeans he was wearing is gettin’ him ROASTED. I’m a fan of skinnies so I ain’t gonna clown my man too much lol.

Love you Aaliyah.

First & foremost, Aaliyah was one of the last great female performers & songstresses of our time. She was the complete package; sgorgeous with one of the sweetest voices ever, a dope actress & model, but more than anything, she gave off a beautiful energy. Aaliyah was the last female R&B artist who displayed a true love, respect & understanding for her man. Listen to songs like “I Care 4 U” & you see a woman who’s talking directly to her man & not at or down to him. Most Female R&B singers are either claiming independence, how all men are dogs, or just being overtly sexual. Aaliyah was a man’s woman & a prime example as to how women should be. When she passed, it was before the 1st day of my 8th grade yea I believe & I remember everyone being really sad the next day. She was one of the celebrity passings that really took a toll because I think people really got a sense of knowing her & relating. Honestly, I don’t even think a lot of R&B/Pop stars would have careers today had Aaliyah still been around. Her career was the prototype for most of what we see now. As a kid, her tracks were what I would bump when I had a crush on a girl lol. She’s to the Pop industry what Michael Jordan was to basketball. Aaliyah, you’ll be forever missed, thanks for sharing that bit of time with us, it was love, just wish it could’ve lasted longer. Rest in Paradise.

Peep my Aaliyah Playlist. All of these were jams as a kid, yo.